The cybook project is an ongoing exploration into the fusion of photo books and technology. This includes (but is not limited to): expanding the traditional printed book with augmented reality, the usage of non-conventional "technical" materials for bookbinding, re-publishing physical books in digital form, and finally, building a custom digital photo book based on 3d-printing. On the theorectical side I'm interested in how science ficition shapes our ideas of how books, cameras and photos will look like in the future as well as the history of the development of digital reading devices, and the points where fiction has become fact. This page serves as an ongoing documentation of resources and tools related to the project.

Design Fiction: A short essay on design, science, fact and fiction.
“Resistance is futile”: reading science fiction alongside ubiquitous computing
Listen Reader: An Electronically Augmented Paper-Based Book
The Design of a Mixed-Reality Book: Is It Still a Real Book?

Anime & Film Directing by Mamoru Oshii - Session 05: A Katamari of Details, about the importance of "Blade Runner" and it's influence on the making of "Ghost In The Shell".
Anime & Film Directing by Mamoru Oshii - Lecture 03: The Cinematic Triangle, about storytelling and what defines science fiction in cinema.

Glaze, protects images from being used in Generative AI models
BundlAR, an open source tool for building AR experiences