There are already plenty of cases for the most adorable ai ever out there, but most of them require an external power source. I wanted an integrated battery and since I had a Waveshare hat left from a different project I tried it as an alternative to the pi sugar. The case fits the following parts, stacked on top of each other:

  1. Waveshare E-Ink Display pHAT 2.13 inch
  2. Raspberry Pi Zero WH
  3. Waveshare UPS Hat (C)

The 1000 mAh battery gives aprox. 4 hours of runtime, afterwards you can either a) recharge the battery while the pi remains off b) recharge the battery while the pi is on (the hat supports pass through) c) plug your external power source directly into the pi and recharge the battery later. All ports are still accesible and I also added a wider loop to attach molle style key fobs.

STL files are available here: