Lightsick (2017/2018)

„An indeterminate space without precise boundaries… a place… outside the circuit of the productive structures of the city, an internal, uninhabited, unproductive and dangerous island, simultaniously on the margins of the urban system and a fundamental part of the system… the counter image of the city, both in the sense of a critique and a clue for a possible way to go beyond.”

Nick Dunn - Dark Matters

This is not about a specific subculture. It is not the voyeuristic gaze upon the strange behaviour of a certain group, the showcase of exotic specimen. It is not about „youth“ either, a group to which the participation in and belonging to is marked by an age limit. It is about people who refuse to have their life limited by subcultural dress code, music genres and what is considered as age appropriate behaviour. This is about the places that, while hosting all of the above, are more than mere containers for entertainment. Those squatted houses, basement rehearsal spaces and not-so-legal clubs are not just physical spaces. They are mind-spaces as well, offering a refuge from a world where experiences are increasingly comodified and streamlined, in order to be easily monetized. They proceed to operate in a d.i.y. fashion, against the logic of marketing and profit, often under difficult circumstances. Driven by the need to create something outside the realm of what is currently popular. Fueled by a desire for self-expression (and the wish to give others a place to express themselves). Combined with the (sometimes painful) self-awareness that one is catering to a small audience, that the art presented is too obscure to attract the masses. Captured on grainy black-and-white film, somewhere between Friday evening and Sunday morning.

Photos from the exhibition at Infinite Space, 2018