This zine is a reworked/revisited excerpt from an unpublished dummy entitled "stress history" made in 2017. It became the start of an ongoing exploration into the possible meanings of the symbol of the monolith in fiction as well as reality. While the original idea of the monolith as something more than being a mere slab of stone can be attributed to "2001: A Space Odysee", the word itself has snuck its way into fiction (H.P. Lovecraft used it extensively) before, and subsequently made regular apperarance in the description of actually existing architecture. And whenever it is used, it always seems to describe something that is somehow opposed to human existence. Indifferent at best, hostile at worst, often leaving a feeling of incomprehensibly. I consider the monolith to be a powerful symbol of our fear of the unkown and a conceptual tool to explore the ways in which it affects our thoughts and actions.

Digital printed zine, 36 pages.
13x18,5 cm / 5.12x5.28 inches.
Printed on 90g/m² paper with a heavy cardstock cover.

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