This playlist was created to accompany the release of my first zine "Blinded By The Dark" in 2013. I tried to find all tracks on Bandcamp but eleven years later some are missing. I also put together a Spotify playlist but again, some tracks are not online.

Deafheaven - Tunnel of trees
Hector Savage - Whitered lilac
Heirs - Mockery
If These Trees Could Talk - The first fire
Ignominy - The great devouring rot
Planks - The darkest of grays
Rise After Defeat - Stillborn
Rise And Fall - Things are different now
Ritual - The great decay
Red Apollo - The Vow
Sum Of R - Alarming
Sundowning - Thanatos
Switchblade - Part I
The Secret - Seven Billion Graves
Touche Amore - Throwing copper
Union of Sleep - Turn your cross