Hi, I'm Sarah Kastrau. I'm a photographer and have self-published ten photobooks & zines so far, and I want to make many more. This is why I launched my own subscription program Futurebooks.

What you get when you join

You can support Futurebooks for 9 €/month. Your membership includes:

  • Always 20% discount on all books in my shop.
  • Mystery Mail: A surprise package of printed goods, sent 2-3 times a year.
  • Free download of the digital version of sold out books.
  • Exhibition previews: A personal guided tour to upcoming exhibitions.
  • Work-in-progress: Previews of books in the making.
  • Discounts on future projects.

What gets made with your help

My current bookmaking plans for 2022 are:

Projects for 2023 and beyond:

  • Complete and publish my font "Maitland".
  • Turn my Lightsick series into a book.
  • Finish the Tokyo Photobook Project.
  • Another unpublished zine titled "Zwoviersechs". It's sort of the prequel to Concrete Island, but with more cats.

So, you want to help me publish more photobooks? Join Futurebooks for 9 €/month.