Fear Of The Monolith

Tracing the connections between brutalism and the alien architecture of H.P. Lovecraft, using found footage, strange maps and blurry childhood memories.                



“In the mid-nineties, I joined a weird cult, mostly made up of people who say „NEIN“ quite a lot.” Newspaper photobook by Flint Stelter, who raided his archive of 90ies straight edge hardcore photos and to which I contributed some from my own archive.


Zum Metzger muss man geboren sein

„He was such a nice guy.“ „ I never thought something so awful would happen in our town.“ These are the typical quotes we hear whenever a serious crime is shown on the news. We all know there are bad people out there, we just don‘t expect them to live next door. It is a disturbing feeling to realize one has been fooled by a friendly facade. The betrayal, however, is always twofold...



„It started back in 2010 with Dirk Serries’ project Microphonics. I had met Dirk Serries a couple of times before, and he told me he had done some shows in living rooms. At that point, I thought “Wow, how cool is that, having an artist playing at your home! Could I do something like this? The idea somewhat moved to the back of my mind until the next time I met Dirk at one of his shows...“


Life In A Hole

"Another year spent in crummy clubs, squatted houses and poorly lit basements. Slowly drifting away from the routines I used to follow. Those on stage seem just as lost as I feel. While everything falls apart, the camera remains my last resort and safe place. It's a life in a hole, and I have yet to reach the bottom."


Like Ghosts

In the pre-digital age the paper negatives that came with peel-apart instant film used to be nothing but trash. While being necessary for processing the image, their opaque flipside made it impossible to put them in an enlarger like a regular film negative. What was left after glancing at the modern miracle of instant film were thin white sheets of paper with no further use.


Blinded By The Dark

"What My Bloody Valentine do with reverb she does with her camera: create a wide, open room filled with blurry atmosphere."